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The Greatest Baker Competition of 2022 has begun!!! 

I entered and was selected to compete in the Greatest Baker competition, and I'm pleased to announce that I'm still in the top 20.  The votes are still coming in, and you are needed for more votes!  The winner receives up to $25k in prizes, including a $10k cash prize and a photoshoot with From Scratch magazine.

Each daily vote is free and if you confirm your identity using your card, you will have an additional vote.  Any additional votes are $1.00 each and are donated to support families dealing with pediatric cancer.

Your vote counts!!!  Click HERE to vote!  


Although the current State of Emergency has been lifted for the State of Maryland, T&Rs Cakes will continue to serve the Anne Arundel County area, using safety protocols to continue the safest methods in the preparation and delivery of our baked goods, to ensure the safety of both you and T&Rs Cakes.

We can deliver your order directly to you, your porch front at a location of your choosing (chair/table), then contact you once it has been placed, or you may also choose to pick up your order 

(curbside ONLY).

Continued prayers to everyone being affected by this disease.

Stay Safe, Stay Positive and don't forget to wash the FIVE x2!!

Thank you!!

T&R's Cakes

Delicious, homemade cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other desserts for the holiday season with T&Rs Cakes...

Cupcake and Cookie Tray Sale $50

(includes 2 dozen cupcakes and 2 dozen cookies - limit 1 flavor per dozen)